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Celebrated Aussie artists Sara Storer and The Sunny Cowgirls have much in common. Above all it is their love of Australia and the many characters who inhabit it that has been the inspiration for many of the songs they have written and recorded.

Although Sara, Celeste and Sophie have collaborated in the past, they have never toured together, something that will be rectified when they hit the road for the Love & Land Tour and which will see them appearing in cities and towns across Australian in 2018.

All three of the girls live in the country - Sophie calls the fertile plains of Gunnedah home, younger sister Celeste has recently made the trek back west to childhood stomping ground WA and Sara with her husband and brood of 4 boys, recently moved from Darwin to the NSW border city of Albury.

For The Sunny Cowgirls, who take their name from Sunninghill, the family farm at Dunkeld, near Victoria’s picturesque Grampians, the bush has always had an irresistible pull.

Audiences can expect to hear the hits and favorite album tracks along with some special collaborations and a few surprises from three great singer-songwriters and story-tellers.

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